Voicing out the unfairness – Ka Ying Wong

How did your life of art begin?
I studied in the science stream during junior high but realised I liked art subjects more. I left that school and went to another school for sixth grade. I was quite lucky that I found a school that fitted me. Most of my time during sixth grade was spent in art rooms and the library. I then got into Fine Arts of Chinese University of Hong Kong. I found out there were so many people working hard on art and I started to get in touch with the “art circle.” I believe that to maintain the freedom of creativity, economic freedom is required too. So I have been doing different jobs on the side while creating works.

Ka Ying Wong - Donut

Ka Ying Wong – Donut


What are your works about?
They are all about my feelings and understanding towards life and society. Sometimes they are complaints and expression. Some people think my works are a bit anti-society. It is true I am not very satisfied with the current situation. There are a lot of problems now and if we don’t face them, death is the only way to go.
Where does your inspiration come from?
Inspiration usually comes when I am not paying attention. For example when I am cleaning, showering or blow-drying my hair, there could be a click! Then I will write the ideas in the form of simple sentences. After a while, I will re-organise them and pick out those I like and express them in a simple but accurate way in my works. They are similar to memes that one sees on the Internet.
Why do some objects appear in your works?
I love hoarding, for example price tags, package boxes, medicine bags etc. I will organize, categorise and re-use them in my works. I am looking for a format for others to understand and read my thoughts in an easier way. I also like glass and some of my works uses glass as the main medium. Glass is cheap and fragile while there are so many pricey items that are protected under glass boxes. I found that using glass for protection is quite contradicting and interesting.

Ka Ying Wong - Shoot it up to my heart

Ka Ying Wong – Shoot it up to my heart

Another reason why I use “useless stuff” to make artwork is because I want to give them meaning through art.


Why do you like to use Polaroid to take photos?
We are now living in a generation that is easy to capture. Loads of photos could be taken with a few clicks of the shutter. It is not difficult at all to edit and copy. On the other hand, I appreciate using a way to record that is real and difficult to change. I think this is the most honest way, so I like using Polaroid to take beautiful and ugly things. Polaroid can’t event be kept for long as the image will be gone after a few years. The only way to keep the image is to remember them.
How do you feel when people comment on your work to be feministic?
As a female, I feel uncomfortable when I see some actions and speech of women confirming patriarchy. I do not intentionally make feministic work but maybe because I am pretty self-centered and I enjoy being a woman that is why my works are strong in expressing a female point of view.

Ka Ying Wong - Beef

Ka Ying Wong – Beef


How do you handle peole’s comments towards you?
I like to hear people’s criticism towards me. There were comments about being demagogic or trying to outstand. I will then reflect and see how I can improve. I don’t really like to hear others’ compliments as I am afraid that I will become proud and arrogant.


“It’s okay for others to not treat me as an artist. I will do all I can to support my own creations: continue my murmuring and doing what I want to do.”





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