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Troels Thorbjønson and Kasper Baarup Holmboe from Spant Studio are both students who study in Aarhus Architecture School. By extending the boundaries of their knowledge in architecture, they have begun to explore their capacity to create through furniture design.

Why furniture designing? “It could be difficult for us to develop only on architectural projects since they are very massive in scale and need fame to gain business in the industry. Although we love furniture design, we also actually don’t want to be limited to one kind of design.”

How it birthed

Sitting side by side in their school’s studio on a daily basis, Troels and Kasper bonded through common interests, especially in the field of design. This is how Spant Studio started and has thus been running for six months.

They both share a fundamental feature that is vital in the process of furniture design: both their families produce different kinds of material. Troels’ family works with metal, while Kasper’s family works with plastic.

Their all-time favourite is wood.

“My very first wish was to be a furniture designer and I have always loved it. When I got into architecture school, I realised that architecture is quite interesting too,” said Kasper.

The duo has been developing many projects, creating their own ideas and taking their own initiative to approach companies with their ideas on sofas, chairs, beds and tea tables.

But things often do not go as smoothly as one may hope.

“Some designs will be taken while some will be ignored. A company will get back to us if they are interested, then they will tell us what they want us to change,” said Troels, who takes on the role of ‘administrator’ in the studio.

“Tell me what you think”

Troels and Kasper agree that sometimes two people working on the same project can be challenging due to different opinions. Their work mode is as follows: one person is the project leader while the other provides comments and suggestions from time to time.

“We do ‘discuss’ a lot,” said Kasper, who was once too angry at a project that he threw everything away, including all the plans and the prototype of the design. “But it is constructive. At least it is helpful and can help us improve in a lot of ways.” Troels later on picked up all the pieces of the project and took it home.

“It might not sound like our ‘discussion’ is very constructive, but actually it is. It’s also difficult for two people to share the same amount of work, so we always help each other out,” said Troels.

It seems natural that two people take the role they are better at. Both of them design, yet Kasper focuses more on in-studio work whereas Troels does out-studio and people-work.

In progress

Thanks to Denmark, a welfare state that supports the development of arts and design, Troels and Kasper do not need to pay much for their studio. They share their large studio space with another creative duo.

In order to attract more recognition, the pair needs to keep on producing.

“We believe that furniture design needs to be interactive and must cater to the needs of human bodies. We always want to design something better so we can improve what we have and keep generating more ideas.”

There is a current exhibition called Same, Same but Different – Beyond Icons in the Aarhus Architecture School, which Troels and Kasper have taken part of. Their design also took part in Milan Design Week.

“We want to go further. An exhibition does not help much to be honest, so we are going to go further by going abroad.”

To be continued…

To some extent, Garde Magazine understands how Spant Studio works because the process is similar. Yet the pair has a lot of plans, much more than Garde Magazine.

“We hope that we can participate in a fair in London so we can get to meet more buyers and representatives from companies,” said Troels. He has already planned to have only one week of summer and dedicate himself fully to his work. Kasper has similar plans.

“Our first step is probably reaching people outside of Denmark. We are hoping to go to Norway and approach some companies that are focused on designing furniture. Our outlook is quite positive too,” said Kasper.

Other than furniture design, Spant Studio wishes to be more multi-talented. It is in process of designing a large interactive installation that includes the placing of strings between equipment to produce sounds. The installation will be held at the Music House of Aarhus.

“We really want to making a living on what we are doing right now because we love it. We don’t want to be restricted to only furniture design or anything. We want to do everything that we can do.”

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