A temporary expression of thoughts – Hiram Wong

How did you start your art life?
I have been into art for a long while, but I understood my family’s concern of career prospective so I chose to study architecture and worked for a few years in that field after graduation. However, I realised I still wanted to work in the art field so I went to the United Kingdom to continue my studies and get my master degree. Now I am focusing on art creations.

Why do you mainly use new media?
My creations are mainly about surrealism. I started doing a lot of painting and didn’t even put much attention on new media when I was studying. After a while, it wasn’t easy to use 2D techniques to express my thoughts so I surpassed it and started to go for space. As the format, I like to create something short and temporary, which is pretty different from traditional art. Working on abstract things requires different mediums so I have developed to use some new and non-traditional media.

Hiram Wong - Inverse Monument

Hiram Wong – Inverse Monument

Are there any symbols/signs that you use in your works?
When I did painting, I used one scene to freeze things with big motional changes such as smoke and fog. When I started doing temporary works, I also used smoke and fog.

Why do your works have to be temporary?
I realised that when I keep creating, there are more materials accumulating and I personally don’t linger too much on materials. The longer the time I see my materialistic works, the more flaws I can see in them. So I hope that my works are temporarily in the exhibition space. I used smoke and light to make sculpture. The status of the work will change according to the weather and audience, so everyone sees different forms. I would like to explore the relationship between humans, space and environments.

When did you start to use light and smoke in your work?
I didn’t discover them particularly, I just chose them according to the effect I wanted to create – temporariness – and started to find different mediums. Smoke stood out as one of the choices.
I am pretty sensitive to light probably because I worked in the architecture field before. This made me understand the difference between natural light and artificial light. I have been using it for a while and would love to discover something new.

Hiram Wong - 0 (Circle)

Hiram Wong – 0 (Circle)

Where does your inspiration come from?
I don’t particularly collect my inspiration. I usually think a bit before I go to bed and usually creative ideas appear at that time. It is probably because my mood is more relaxed and my thoughts aren’t as restricted as they are in the morning.

Do you have a particular work mode?
I like to work at night and I work around deadlines. Sometimes I sleep for only a few hours because of rushing a project. Daily lives with less restriction fits me more than regular life.

Hiram Wong - Vanishing City v3

Hiram Wong – Vanishing City v3

Do you create abroad most of the time?
I like to participate in different artist-in-residence programmes which allow me to live and create in different countries. I did it when I was young so I am pretty used to living abroad. Other than accumulating experiences, another reason is that there is not enough space to create in Hong Kong.

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