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Studying the meaning of art and its extensive products, Jacky Cheung has taken reference from academics and artists to accurately and creatively portray his thoughts. 

Jacky Cheung – And Then

One may say creativity is impulsive, passionate and unexplainable, yet it may not be applicable for Jacky and his project “And Then”. Through a simple but abstract concept and powerful presentation of aesthetics, Jacky’s work has transcended itself to an experience and atmosphere for audiences to feel.

“Looking back at my four-year study, I have learnt a lot about the understanding of art and attitudes of life apart from methodology and skills,” said Jacky. “When everyone is standing at different positions, the diversity of the usage of art and interpretations forms the variety – that encourages me to find my reason for creating.”

Jacky’s project “And Then” is time themed. The movement of light and shadows indicate the flow of time, he says. Yet the direction of the future and past are ambiguous. Inspired by artist Vija Celmins, Jacky hopes his audience can appreciate his artwork through the eyes.

“I have taken the concept of scenery and still objects to create an atmospheric moment rather than simply an object or a view.”

Jacky Cheung – And Then

To continue his creative development, Jacky would like carry on exploring printmaking and discover the great potential of this traditional art medium.





Jacky Cheung – And Then


張氏的項目《凝視這刻,我們到了永遠》以時間為題,他說光與影的運動揭示時間的流逝,可是未來與過去的方向卻是模糊不清的。受到藝術家Vija Celmins啟發,張氏希望觀眾能夠透過感受去欣賞作品。



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