A rebellious, unsettled soul of creativity | 叛逆不安定的創意魂


The adjective “intuitive” seems to be the most accurate word to describe her. If you take a look at her illustrations, you can feel the power and energy flow out and the outspokenness just hits you straight.

Theresa Hattinger has always been a curious kid. Since she spent four hours with a tea egg infuser at her grandmother’s place and created some legendary science fiction worlds, she knew that “creating” would definitely be a big part of her life.

Describing herself as Speedy Gonzalez, Theresa says her hands work much faster than her brain. “Often when it comes to filling out a background or adding the last touches (of an illustration), I already have another idea in mind and start a new thing without finishing the old one. One day seems like an eternity.”

Theresa is never afraid of advertising a value she shares. When it comes to controversial topics, she is also willing to take up the bigger challenge. Digging deeper into her identity as a female creator, she reflects, “My creativity, in spite of my gender, is just like any other parts of my personality. I feel it is a thoroughly positive one but at the same time it might limit what I can effortlessly reach.

“I am often frustrated how some artistic communities are constructed around big egos, ruthless self-representation and big mouths. All qualities that are generally more appreciated in men than in women.”

Being a concept-driven creator, Theresa cares more about how to tell a story with greater value than developing perfect techniques. It’s true – her works might not be the most refined or detailed kind but in some ways, it touches the feeling of her audience because they are “realistically honest.”

“I appreciate the humour that lies in spontaneity,” Theresa said. “Just like the project I have spent the longest time on is growing, est. 1989 and still ongoing.”

When she is at her studio, you can find her experimenting with various kinds of materials: drawing, set-design, graphic design, video recording, animation, screen printing, sewing or even gluing cardboard together.

“I have my mediums I feel most comfortable with but still I try to explore and use different techniques. But in general, give me A3-paper and a bunch of markers then I can be settled.”

In the future, Theresa would like to work with and for musicians, as she has no idea how they work. However, the work mode might need to be adjusted when it comes to collaboration – she is Speedy Gonzalez after all.

“I just want to be satisfied with my works, still enjoy doing them and don’t feel like I lost my integrity. Sometimes I would be proud of myself for my own works but if I don’t get ‘enough’ likes, that experience is too ‘unforgettable.’”

Her motto and goal are all summed in one line: Trust your guts and go for it, don’t hesitate, be bold, clever and relevant.




Theresa Hattinger從小開始就是一個很好奇的小孩。自從她在外婆家花了4個小時「研究」一個茶葉浸泡器並在自己小小的腦袋瓜內創造了好幾個科幻世界開始,她就清楚的知道「創造」將會在她的生命中佔很大的一部分。


對她來說,只要她認同一個價值或者觀念,她就會毫無避忌的跟人分享。就算是具爭議性的題目,她也願意面對挑戰 – 尤其是看待自己是女性創作者的身份:




Theresa說:「我喜歡自然流露的幽默。就像是我覺得自己最大而尚在進行中的項目就是『長大』 – 自1989年開始還在進行當中呢。」



關於未來,Theresa想與音樂家一起工作,因為對於他們的工作她毫無頭緒。可是她也說,她是想「為」他們工作多於「和」他們一起工作 – 說到底,她可是「飛飛鼠」呢。



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