The nature of jewellery – Hyerim Kim

“Silver is the best medium to show [the] intention of my design as the material has its pure white colour. Indeed, all of my products are produced by my hands. Naturally, I prefer to use a sort of material to use easily. In this case, silver.”

Hyerin Kim hails from one of the busiest cities in the world: Seoul. “It’s the capital city of South Korea,” she says. “And it’s got leading development in IT, which I used to believe would run the future without attention to the [natural] world.”

Moving to the UK changed her perspective on that and birthed a fascination for a new wave of art.

“The significant distinction between jewellery designs and other designs is that jewellery is closer to pure art than others as it emphasises practical functions. Therefore, I can say that jewellery is sort of like wearing sculptures on your body.”

“These days, people are looking for their own way to improve their quality of life in a rapidly changing society, such as urban gardening and slow food. In the same way, plants are also trying to survive in the city. And I focus on that strong survival idea with the weeds in Strong Survival—they grow everywhere, even in between bricks and within the tracks in the tube stations.”

The transformation is key. “I focused on their distinct characteristics in terms of strong survivals in the city. The characters of Buddleia are numerous buds and flowers in butterfly shapes, so I chose those kinds of features to express this plant to the public. Thus, I designed them growing everywhere on the body in random order. The other one is about ivy, which always covers up everything. My ivy series was designed using an individuality within my rings.”

With dreams to make it into the artisanal market, Hyerin plans to stay in the UK for a couple more years. “I’m interested in investigating the slow movement phenomenon,” she says. Ambitiously wanting to explore further into the world of jewellery sculpting, Hyerin is definitely an artist to watch out for.

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