I am myself in my videos – Julen Hernandez

It’s common for those who post videos online to have doubts about what their audience will think of it. Similar to a new profile picture you change on Facebook, the thoughts of “Will people like it? Will I be judged?” can easily plague one’s mind. Yet for Julen, who currently has 27.6K followers on his Spanish YouTube channel, such doubts are pointless.

“If we do not enjoy, no one will enjoy,” says Julen.

Born and raised in the Basque country, Julen has adopted the typical traits of being upbeat, energetic, optimistic and good looking (if I may say so myself).  While he is a journalism student, he also goes by the online identity of dedicated YouTuber: HolaJulen.

Miniatura Hola 2014

Go team Julen! 

Julen is drawn to the artistic side of his hobby and “the beautiful things of sharing videos on the Internet.” This is probably one of the reasons why he’s gained quite the popular fan base:

“A guy who had surgery in hospital watched all my videos to kill time.”

“I received an email from a boy in the South of Spain who thought he was not brave enough and never wanted to travel alone. He decided to apply for an international programme because he said I made him feel confident.”

There are lots more similar messages he’s received. It is these that push him to continue producing videos for viewers.

But why V-I-D-E-O-S

Miniatura First Kiss Xulen Xurirux

As a journalist, the most traditional way to express opinions or spread information is through fingers and keyboard. Although Julen enjoys using various platforms to convey messages, he says, “my videos reach more audiences than the ones I reach through my writing or radio shows.”

If this doesn’t tell you about the age we’re living in, what does?

His videos consist of himself and his friends. While recording, they constantly erupt with laughter about a topic they’re discussing, which makes anyone who can’t understand the language eager to share in on the joke.

Their videos are about everything: professional look-alike short films, prank calls, making fun of sex, discussions of the unimaginable, such as zombies and the apocalypse …you name it and they probably have it.

“I love sharing hobbies with people who have similar interests. That’s why I have my friends in my videos, although the videos are about everything and nothing at the same time,” he said.

Julen said he has two masks. One is the HolaJulen on YouTube which he uses to interact with audiences and publish videos, while the other is Julen Hernandez for expressing his experiences and feelings during any trips he embarks on.

“For the Julen Hernandez one, I don’t really publish them and build an audience, but for HolaJulen, I would like to get in touch with people who are watching,” he said.

Ideas for making videos come from anything and anywhere. The best time for Julen’s ideas to blossom and bloom is during bedtime. “When I’m about to sleep, the ideas come. I need to have my phone next to me to record everything right at the moment.”

Yikes! Hope you still manage to get enough Zzz’s with that wild, nocturnal imagination.

No comprendo

If Julen’s videos had an English translation rather than having them all hablal-ing español, it’s very likely he’d reach even MORE people around the world. Sadly, his response to this was, “I would like to make it in English, but I am not confident in the language even though I like it.”

He wishes his international friends could understand his videos too. “I am shy. I’m also in my last year of my degree so I don’t have time,” he added.

Well, okay, just don’t forget that we will be waiting.



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