Going the nature mile | 邁向自然之路

Maxime Daviron – Les Étendues Arides

Behind all the breathtaking photographs, it is not only Maxime Daviron’s favourite camera, Nikon D750, but also a curious heart towards everything creative. “[Other than being a photographer], I am a musician, I write a lot, and logically, I am very attracted to cinema which brings together all the disciplines.”

Heavily influenced by cinematic style, Maxime’s works are usually horizontally framed and scaled 16:9. He tries to capture the liveliness, emotions and influences when he faces such scenes in person.

“I feel like photography is always here for me in my life. I never really ‘chose’ it as it is so obvious. I guess it is defined as a passion of mine,” said Maxime.

For taking photos, he has seen 24-hour sunlight in the arctic circle, auroras, different faces of skies and various storms; he has also experienced sleeping in snow at -25°C, thawing shoes with a camping stove and walking 10 hours to get to a remote location.

Maxime Daviron – Terres Perdues

“The most difficult situation for a photographer is to succeed in living only with photography. I actually love all other environmentally tough situations, which make me feel more alive when I have conquered them.”

Maxime seems to enjoy extreme situations. He mentioned that all natural outlets such as mountains, deserts, weird areas and alien looking places (this might be starting to get out of the “nature” category here) have inspired him in different ways. It all started from his curiosity to explore, interpret and create.

“The best nature so far is Mars, or Titan! There are methane seas up there! I have no answer for the question of where is ‘the best nature’ yet. I am very attracted to locations like the Himalayas, Antarctica or deserts like Atacama, Wadi Rum and Asserkrem.”

“Nature is everything. It is so big and obvious yet we tend to forget that we are part of it.”

Maxime Daviron – Atmospheres

Photography has always represented a bipolar stereotype in audiences: everyone can take photos but it is difficult to take photos that move people. Especially with the advancement of technology, computers have done great effects but brought negative reputation to photography.

“If PhotoShop-ing means manipulating. It is not photography anymore but something else. However, post-processing is a crucial part of the process as ‘shooting’ is unpredictable; it is not the same as digital photography but only the modern extension of the lab.”

Nature has been the dominating theme of Maxime’s portfolio while cities have taken up merely a few items. “Capturing nature, cities and humans are not the same approach and situations. The main aim is to define what you want to tell. The best lesson I have learnt in school is ‘to think more about every aspect of photography.’”

Maxime shared with us that his next destinations are deserts in Maghreb, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Spain and across France. Although he has been leaving footprints all around the world, his vision as a photographer is surprisingly simple:

“I hope I can earn enough from photography and be able to travel as much as I want and develop other projects. It would be great to create a humongous project that connects different forms of art and of course, be original.”


Maxime Daviron – Vestiges

在他所有引人入勝的照片背後,不只是Maxime Daviron最愛的相機尼康D750,更是對於任何創意都维持好奇的心。「(除了作為一個攝影師,)我也是一個音樂人,我很喜歡寫東西,自然而然的,我非常喜歡將所有以上元素歸納在一起的電影。」


Maxime說:「我覺得攝影一直存在在我生命中,它明顯得我用不著去 『選擇』它。我想這就是我的熱情所在吧。」


「對於一個攝影師來說,最艱難的事情就是如何單純依靠攝影來過生活。我其實很喜歡所有艱難的環境 – 當我征服它們的時候,我感到我從未如此『活著』過。」

Maxime Daviron – Atmosphere





Maxime Daviron – Terres Perdues






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