Yoshiaki Yoneyama – Product Design

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I was born in bottom of Mt.Fuji of Japan.

Environment full of nature around me of my childhood have made my open minded personality.

Although I’m studying the design in the Netherlands now, my career is different from others.

I already finished study of Sociology in the university in Japan, and I have spent few years in the manufacturing company as sales and marketing after that.

At that time, I had a chance to plan a product. It was the turning point of me.

My curiosity for the designing made me decide to come to this country to study the design.

The reason why I was interested in the design of the Netherlands was that the its conceptual aspect in addition to practical approach of the design.

Current situation seems no relation to the past of mine, but for me, everything is connected.

If my creativity can contribute to someone’s life better, it is the most precious thing for me.