Vikram Vishwanath – Industrial Design

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I was born in India, in the very frantic city of Mumbai. A city where time is a luxury that most can’t afford. And on that note my journey through the world quickly began in lieu of my father’s career path. Through my life I jumped around many times, threading my journey through the Middle East, Asia, the US and currently the United Kingdom. Though a large portion of my life was spent in Singapore (a melting pot of cultures and religions stuck together in close proximity), it gave me a perspective unique and somewhat detached, yet with the ability to observe, understand and emulate the world’s cultures and their interactions with each other. Understanding the inner workings of a group of seemingly disconnected people taught me to look for the differences and details and sparked a keen interest in the idea of harmony through diversity.

Now my life through many meandering turns, has found its way to the UK. I have progressed my career with the same attention to detail and enthusiasm for diversity. My experiences span over many industries including, automotive, product, packaging and furniture. Having had the chance to work with many great entities including, Jaguar Land Rover, Roche Bobois and the LVMH group of fashion brands has made me truly appreciate the function of design in our existence. Life is challenging, it takes perseverance, dedication and time to overcome these obstacles. Design teaches you to observe, to understand, to evaluate and to tackle issues where creativity is key. The key to being adaptable in a constantly evolving environment.

Design ultimately is philosophy, the philosophy that encourages discussion and communication between people and groups alike. It is a language that if executed properly should have no barrier, as it is the sentimental and emotional link that connects all brains. And therefore I endeavor to speak a language that inspires rather than dictates. It has and will continue to be my approach to life till the end. I look forward to the many interactions I will have and hope that people are inspired to join me in conversation in the future.


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