Harumi Foster – Sculpture

Portrait - Harumi Foster

I was born in one of the six oldest pottery centers in Japan, which has produced ceramics for over 7 centuries. As most of the population in the town was involved with ceramic production and especially my family who ran a ceramic production business, I learnt about ceramics as part of everyday life from a young age. Ceramics was a part of my life.

Although I was more interested in fine art rather than ceramics since I was a child and went on to study fine art across Japan, Italy and London, which informs my approach to making. In Japan and Italy I studied painting, and in London I practiced sculpture in Goldsmiths University of London and ceramics in Royal College of Art.

I have been taught art both traditionally, which required acquiring many different artistic skills and a wide range of artistic knowledge, and intellectually, which does not put so much importance on visual aesthetics and material quality of the piece. Therefore I have been very interested in combining those conventional and unconventional approaches. I consider not only subject matter but also aesthetics, and quality of work at the same time in my art practice. I would like to be the conductor rather than the player of a single instrument, in the analogy of the orchestra, by using a range of methods and materials in my work.


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