Cheung Wai Lok – Photography


Born in Hong Kong in 1986, Cheung holds a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree co-presented by RMIT and Hong Kong Arts School in 2010, majoring in Photography. Engaging photography as his main medium, he works to express his concerns with the city and the people living in it as well as to further explore the nature and the possibilities of photography. He also teaches Photography part-time. Currently living and working in Hong Kong.

Among his circle of friends, the young artist is nicknamed “our master,” for his very orderly, logical mind, always ready to give out a list of solutions whenever consulted for matters big and small, though having a habit of boxing up his emotions. Artistically, his works are able to convey effortlessly the sheer beauty of an image in a smooth and simple manner, without a tint of emotion. Until one year ago, he has run into a “thick wall.”