Ankie Fok – Sculpture

Vertical Portrait_Ankie FOK

Ankie Fok, visual artist in Hong Kong that specializes in creating modern wood sculptures, member of the Hong Kong Sculpture Society. Graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Hong Kong with a Comparative Literature major in 2001; she went on for further studies in Art Direction in Film and obtained an Advanced Certificate in 2005. Having been a cultural worker for ten years since her graduation, Ankie started her own studio and production unit named “One Fine Day Production” in 2011, since then she has been pursuing the artistry of woodworking and wood-sculpting from different organizations and veteran sculptors. Ankie is actively participating in different local and overseas art exhibitions and public sharing sessions in recent years. In August 2015, she was selected as a finalist of the 2015 New Art Wave International Artist Award.


Exhibitions that she participated in included: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macao, Taiwan Inter-city Sculpture Exchange Exhibition (2014-15; Taipei, HK); Second and Third Hong Kong Touch Art Festival (2014-15, HK); New Art Wave Expo (2015, Macao); “The Flow” Exhibition by the Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Plus (2015, HK); Regeneration: Exhibition of the Hong Kong Sculpture Society (2014, HK); LotArt by Enlighten (2013, HK) and Fotanian Open Studios (2012-15, HK).

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