Amanda Tong – Ceramics Design


Amanda Tong is a designer-maker from Hong Kong and recently graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Her cross-cultural background increasingly serves as an inspiration to her design work. She is continuously exploring and being inspired by the cultural diversity that she has experienced through travelling and studying abroad. She aspires to raise awareness and appreciation in the artistic value of traditional craftsmanship by retelling forgotten stories and reintroducing ritual practices behind different cultures through her work.

Amanda is an ambitious enthusiast who is fascinated about the relationship between materials and surfaces. She is intrigued in discovering the boundless possibilities of surfaces and textures by mixing different materials together, to embrace and reveal the hidden qualities within them. To her, ceramics can bring her infinite joy and surprises that could be found nowhere else. She strives to preserve the quality of craftsmanship with enthusiasm, love and care.


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