Alexandra Gromova – Fine Art

Alexandra Gromova

I am an artist, a thinker and a dreamer.

I was born in the Soviet Union. Although my country does not exist in its original form anymore but the reoccurring nostalgia of my childhood makes me happy.

I have studied art; academic drawing and painting, in Russia and I moved to London to view art from a new perspective. Moreover, I was really fascinated to learn about a different culture. I graduated from Chelsea college of Arts and Design.

My inspiration comes from books, Orthodox icons, solitude and music.

I am both a realist and a dreamer. I live in an endless journey between the experience of reality and the world of my imagination. My art is the visual image of my imagination that reflects the fusion of my feelings and dreams. Painting is a universal language, which does not require translation and at the same time everyone perceives it in a very unique way.

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