Creative, addicted and passionate – Philippine Laureau

What do you come up with when you think of art?

If you take a look at Philippine Laureau’s work, you’ll be sure to find that it exemplifies the definition of art quite effortlessly. Her background in performance design and practice combined with her experience in graphic design and fine arts makes for truly fascinating stuff.

When asked to describe herself in three words Philippine said: creative, addicted and passionate

She designs various types of shows, using a wide range of media including installations, costumes and immersive performances. Always looking for a new challenge and experimenting with new technologies is crucial to her.

“What I love about set and costume design is the infinity of possibilities in the creation and in storytelling,” she said.

“I also love the idea of immersing people in a world that I created—to fulfill an expectation and surprise them as much as I can.”

Philippine finds inspiration in just about everything but a lot of it comes from watching documentaries on studios and artists. Some of her favourites include Pipi Lotirist, Pierrick Sorin and fashion designers Hussein Chalayan, Nancy Tilbury and Anouk Wipprecht. As for set design, she is influenced by Tim Walker and Robert Wilson, which is reflected in her own style. The polyvalent designer is always striving to “push her creativity out of the box.”

Philippine spends a lot time in between Paris and London working on different collaborations. She recently teamed up with Sylvana Lautier and designed the set and costumes for Spleen 2.0—a short film that explores themes such as isolation, time and nature – all in the context of our fast paced lives in the 21st century. She is hoping to bring the thought-provoking film to festivals and galleries in the near future.

“I know I can and love to work alone but I feel a collaborative project to be much more exciting and vibrant,” she said. “Working with people is a strength.”

She is currently working on a few different projects. Philippine wouldn’t give too many details just yet but went as far as to say that she will be costume and set designing with “an amazing 3D and mapping designer.” This has left us wondering, who could that be?

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