Shaleihin Pi’ee

Shaleihin Pi’ee

Visual Poet

“I write for the stage
I drink coffee in the morning
I practice yoga on and off the mat
I see colours as stories on canvas
I think music frames the memory
I sleep when time allows”

A creative marketer by day and a Visual Poet within parenthesises of any hour. I explore my writings within spaces, pictures and art pieces. I aspire to transcribe thoughts, visions and heart that lies behind any imagery that catches my eye. I choose to call my experiences together with my eyes and my writings as “visualogues” – a dialogue that happens between my heart and art.

Shaleihin is a writer at heart, he sharpened his craft with Singapore’s leading bilingual theatre company, Toy Factory Productions Ltd in his early years as a marketer. He then explored playwriting together with award winning playwright, Goh Boon Teck with GRIND, an immersive theatre experience that allowed audiences to hear the tired murmurs and secrets behind the façade of Singaporean gay men.