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The dreamer, the whip hand and the director – Lyfeik

Lyfeik is an independent and very special record label. It is formed by three unique people with an interesting principle that does not follow typical music industry conventions: they refuse […]

Emotional sounds – Monica Velasquez

My name is Monica Velasquez, and I go by Rexxy. I create music or mostly what I like to call emotional sounds. It all started in the extra bedroom I […]

The man with a happy tune – Felipe Cea

Talking to Felipe is always an enjoyable experience because he’s always upbeat and laughing a lot – even when answering serious questions. (Why can’t we all be like that?) Despite […]

You-for-real? – Uriel Calderon

Meet UFORIEL, the man who is mad about music. (And very real). I’m from the port town of Puerto Cabazas along the Caribbean coast in Nicaragua, Central America. My parents […]