Capturing the hidden beauty of life | 捕捉生命隱藏之美

Gonzier is the artist name of photographer Guillermo Gabriel González Marroquín – a name he describes as “taking like an hour to type” – who currently lives and works in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. Gonzier’s work is an expression of his appreciation for what he sees around him – friends and places, nature and beauty. When asked which is his favourite theme, his answer is simply “my life.”

Fittingly, Gonzier’s work process is not about preparation, staging or building a shot, but rather about placing himself in a situation where he can be inspired to capture spontaneously what goes on around him. “There is beauty in the nature of real moments,” he says. “The shots you see in my portfolio were taken randomly, on days I was simply hanging out with my friends and an idea for a picture would come to my mind.”

Gonzier is self-taught, and though he finds inspiration in certain other photographers, he does not really see himself having any role models. “I never liked to follow anyone’s steps. In fact, I’m super stubborn,” he says. ”I believe one must be the one and only critic of the things one creates.

“I do appreciate advice, but for me art is a form of voice. You can’t let other people influence what you’re going to say or the way you say it,” he adds. “Once you’re comfortable enough with your art, and find the reason why you’re creating it, you should be able to decide by yourself what you’re doing right and what is not good. A connection with your work is key to success within it.”

A family trip to Europe sparked Gonzier’s photography interest, and he has not stopped snapping since. “Photography allows me to appreciate the things around me that I normally ignored. It allows me to see things from a different perspective, one in which I can see the beauty in people, places and moments that I’d normally consider nothing special, even though they are.”

Creating a connection with the subject is key to capturing something beyond “pretty faces.” Gonzier relates to a time where he was walking with a girl he was supposed to photograph, but no inspiration had struck him. “Suddenly, it started raining like crazy. I politely suggested for us to go hide from the rain somewhere, but she decided we should keep on shooting and man, what a beautiful moment it was. We spent almost an hour just laughing and taking photos under the rain. She was so confident and beautiful. I just loved capturing every part of that.”

After a stormy few years, Gonzier now eagerly looks forward to moving ahead into the future. Calling his best project so far “always the one that is coming next”, the young shutterbug is now in the envious position of choosing which one of his two dream schools to go study in. Savannah College of Arts and Design, and the Art Institure of Chicago, have both admitted him with scholarships. With new places and new people in his sights, Gonzier’s inspiring work is sure to continue!


由於本名太長,現在身居及工作於委內瑞拉首都加拉加斯的攝影師Guillermo Gabriel González Marroquín為自己起了一個藝術家名字「Gonzier」。他的作品主要圍繞他身邊的事物,例如朋友、地方、環境甚至「美」本身。當別人問他最喜歡的主題的時候,他的答案簡單而直接:「我的人生」。

由此而生,你可以想像他的作品跟構築場景或佈置環境沒有太大關係。他喜歡被他當時身處的時空所啟發,並自然而然地捕捉那個場面。「大自然充斥著很多美的瞬間 – 你在我的作品集裡看見的都是很隨性的拍攝,有時候我跟朋友聚會的時候可能就會突然間有一張照片拍攝的主意跳進我的腦海裡面。」






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