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Lynn Theisen – Heading South-East

Born and raised in Rumelange, Luxembourg, Lynn Theisen’s family was not connected to any artistic roots, yet her only interest since childhood has been photography. Starting to take photos of other people in secondary school, Lynn started to realise her career path.

After graduation from high school, Lynn left her small but cosy home country for Berlin to study photography at the Berlin Technical Art School. She said it was a precious experience to her as she met a lot of inspiring creators.

“Berlin is THE creative spot in Europe and a lot of creative people are trying to set their foot in the industry here. It is the right size that you can live quiet but also be in the city very quickly. It is the perfect start for building a base and finding collaboration. I learnt a lot there,” explained Lynn.

Other than studying in another country, Lynn’s mother is a Thai hence she always has chances to travel to Thailand. She has realised the differences towards creativity in both continents. While Luxembourg is more conservative, Thailand is keen to take on new creative challenges and accept collaborations with other creative branches.

Lynn Theisen –
Theresa @ Modelfabrik in Plain Farm for Fashion Shift Magazine

“In Luxembourg everything is more temperate and they rather focus on a commercial photo style than on a more creative look. The city is in sort of a transition now and I think there will be more positive change in the future.”

When it comes to photography, Lynn’s parents are super supportive as long as she is happy. For her, photography is her one and only passion and she is never distracted to do anything else.

Lynn has worked on various projects including personal and commercial projects. Rather than complaining on the restriction given by clients, she said working on commercial projects is more convenient.

“I don’t have to choose the team and only come to set and do the photographic job. It’s also nice to get in touch with a brand and see how they evolve under your work.”

Fashion photography is the perfect mix of commerce and creativity and also gives a lot of creative freedom, according to Lynn. She said it is essential to give decisive instruction and direction and know when to stop a session. Photo shooting is teamwork and one has to trust the team for good photos.

Lynn Theisen – Heading South-East

In her favourite project, Heading South-East, she went to Thailand and worked with a Thai team including makeup artists, stylists and fashion students. The models selection is always atypical – there are both models who fit and don’t fit into the beauty standard.

“This was my first big project and there was a lot of preparation before heading to Thailand. I learnt how to shoot on busy streets, in the rain and super hot climate. There were a lot of lessons learnt for me,” said Lynn.

After her bachelor thesis project, Lynn then started to take up her career as a photographer and worked with a lot of big names such as McDonald’s, Leica and JACKS Beauty Department. She has shared her most important experience.

“You need to know the rules in order to break them; know your basics before you start experimenting. It’s always good to have some preparation then make space for spontaneity and let the moment take over.”

For Lynn, there are lots of dream projects awaiting, such as shooting a cover for Vogue Magazine or even owning a magazine. But in the long-run, she is more relaxed. “I guess travelling as much as possible would be the top goal in my career. I only want to be successful and recognised in what I do as a photographer and keep on doing what I do without being too much of a burnout workaholic.”


Lynn Theisen – Veronika @ Iconic Mangement for Institute Magazine






對於Lynn選擇攝影,父母非常支持。對Lynn來說,攝影是她唯一的嗜好和興趣 – 也之所以,她一開始就知道攝影將會成為她的職業。

Lynn Theisen – Ning Narawadee for Designer Chai Gold Label




Lynn最喜歡的項目Heading South-East在泰國拍攝,團隊均為泰國人,包括化妝師、造型師和就讀時尚專業的學生,模特兒的挑選更是破格,符合與不符合審美標準的都囊括了。

Lynn Theisen – Heading South-East


完成了這個學士畢業項目,Lynn便順理成章的成為職業攝影師,現在已經跟不少品牌合作,如麥當勞,徠卡和JACKS Beauty Department。她分享了最重要的經驗:



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