Beauty out of struggle – Bobby Chan

What are your works about?

Bobby Chan - Green Hill

Bobby Chan – Green Hill


Whenever I see beautiful things, I love to record them with my brushes. I realised the most beautiful things are humans so I draw a lot of portraits. Sometimes I think my works are happy with a hint of sadness probably because there is too much suffering in the world.

Now I paint cities and landscapes more and more because I hope to find the subtle fun between cities and humans.


How did you get into art?

It started with a Hong Kong comic given to me by my father called Cowboy by Mr Wong Wing-hing. Since then I wished my own art could bring joy to people as much as that comic brought joy to me. I never thought about doing anything else so I studied art right after my high school graduation. Through learning, practicing, experiencing and meeting different people to enrich my feelings, I find beautiful things to record with art.


Has your determination ever been shaken?

Bobby Chan - Mongkok Flower Market

Bobby Chan – Mongkok Flower Market

Definitely, it is always shaking. One has to have very strong determination to persist on this path. I understand my will isn’t the strongest thing, the only way I can go forward is to fall, stand up and slowly go forward again. I pay highest respect to those who can focus and only focus on one thing. They are shining in their own light.


What is the most difficult thing for you when you create?

I like to think. My mind always keeps me thinking and spinning. Sometimes my actions can’t follow my thoughts, which makes my practice quite difficult.


Other than creating, what are your other interests?

Bobby Chan - Mong Kok (Argyle Street)

Bobby Chan – Mong Kok (Argyle Street)


I love to read books published by artists so I can understand their creative process which is always very interesting. I also like to watch movies or American dramas. Reading the stories of others enhances my feelings and helps me to understand the delicate relationship between people, which ultimately helps my creativity a lot.


Which local artist do you appreciate the most and why?

Wilson Shieh. His works are full of energy and very ‘Hong Kong.’



What I want the most is to have a pair of wings allowing me to fly everywhere and see different places around the world.

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