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Clay creatures – Rosie Connolly

“What I find intriguing is the transformation of something that is perhaps seen as grim or ‘grotesque’ into something beautiful, distinct and new. The contrast between the delicate treatment of […]

A one-woman production – Frances Segismundo

“The beauty of art is the possibility of being multi-disciplinary. And me being the type of person who wants to do everything, I still have that goal in mind—I want […]

The nature of jewellery – Hyerim Kim

“Silver is the best medium to show [the] intention of my design as the material has its pure white colour. Indeed, all of my products are produced by my hands. […]

Inspiration from the past and present – Flora Bhattachary

“Jewellery has a uniquely personal and emotional connection [with the heart] and it is important to me that my work reflects this.” Flora Bhattachary hails from quite the art-oriented family […]

A balance between art and science – Timothée Mion

“Since the beginning, my family has been behind me, pushing me to do what I wanted to do, but it was [difficult] to make the choice to go into art […]

Through the looking glass – Monette Larsen

Having spent a huge amount of years understanding glass as a material and experimenting with its qualities, Monette is practically a glass aficionado. What more, she has decided to share […]

Fulfilling a desire to communicate and influence – Florence Shaw

Many streams of art come in different shapes and sizes. Even I can’t come up with a comprehensive list or diagram to try to explain it—but that’s what makes art […]

Knitwear salvation – Carlo Volpi

“I’d say life in general is inspiring. My eyes are the only tools I use to record and subconsciously process the information I like. My work is simply a consequence […]

“I want to run around, be in the midst of things…” – Arko Datto

All I can say about Arko Datto is: He is many things. For the most part, Arko is a spectacular award-winning photographer whose work has been published in Newsweek, Le […]

Making our lives easier with art – Winnie Yoe

The User Experience Design has become such a big part of our lives and most of us don’t even know it yet. Its full capabilities probably surpass anything we humans […]