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A world underwater – Stephanie Johnstone

Since the ancient times, the sea has always fascinated people. As very few dared to embark on journeys across the oceans, many myths flourished. We’ve heard that the sea was […]

A new way to cook – Marjorie Artieres

It’s 2024. 3D printers have found their way into the kitchen and everyday meals. They are uniformly shaped and coloured and effortlessly created. Though we now enjoy new types of […]

The art of being flexible – Michael Chiu

Michael’s photography, whether it’s shot in colour or black and white, is characterised by stark contrasts, bleakness and a strong sense of alienation or solitude. This is both ironic and […]

The girl and the seal – Hikari Shiba

”’Kyu’ is the sound a baby seal makes. You can listen to it on Youtube by searching for ‘baby seal crying.’” It’s not all article research that involves watching videos […]

Portraits of miscellanea – Tom Scotcher

“An apocalyptic landscape of the yorkshire dales, cows and sheep being abducted with a drone flying into a big oak tree.” This motif might not be similar to anything he […]