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Beauty out of struggle – Bobby Chan

What are your works about?   Whenever I see beautiful things, I love to record them with my brushes. I realised the most beautiful things are humans so I draw […]

To build rather than to break – William Tong

When did you start to get in touch with art? I liked painting ever since I was young, but I didn’t study anything art-related at school. I didn’t even choose […]

A temporary expression of thoughts – Hiram Wong

How did you start your art life? I have been into art for a long while, but I understood my family’s concern of career prospective so I chose to study […]

Art gives me a pair of wings – Vaan Ip

Having picked up painting at a young age, Vaan Ip always had a passion for creativity. His path started with comics, sketching and slowly developed into oil painting. His original […]

Voicing out the unfairness – Ka Ying Wong

How did your life of art begin? I studied in the science stream during junior high but realised I liked art subjects more. I left that school and went to […]

Strength of fragility – Jovial Yeung

Why do you like glass? Glass gives me very strong visual impact. It can be bright, transparent and solid. With such varying effects, the techniques involved are countless and its […]

Cultivation of art and culture – Joey Leung

Joey Leung Cho-yi is a young man who creates art with ceramics as his medium. Fish is his totem that always appears in his works. Everything started from a little […]

To paint memories and emotions – Wong Wing Fung

What is your creation about? My creation focuses on relationships. Some of them are community-based. The relationship between my work and the space, audience or between me and the audience, […]

Painting with the camera – Cheung Wai Lok

What your creation is about? My creation uses photography as the main medium. It concerns the people and surroundings of Hong Kong and brings forward thoughts about its possibilities and […]

Creations derived from maths and research – Ivy Yuen

Are there reasons why your artworks are mainly in plain colours? Since the media I use is usually paper, the colour of paper itself will become the leading tone. Another […]