You-for-real? – Uriel Calderon

Meet UFORIEL, the man who is mad about music. (And very real).

I’m from the port town of Puerto Cabazas along the Caribbean coast in Nicaragua, Central America. My parents moved to Australia to avoid the infamous Contra War, so I actually grew up down under.

I love dancing, music, poetry, drama and hip hop. I entered rap battles at nightclubs at the age of 17 and now I’m part of the current number #3 ranked boy crew in the world SKB! Yeah!

I started working in nightclubs as a male podium dancer (I stress, NOT a stripper… imagine that HA) before I started club hosting. I’ve also hosted an array of events from YouTube conventions (VIDinc) to political rallies such as shark cull protesting. Yeah, I get around…

There are so many things I love so it’s somewhat of a challenge to define “me.” But I guess if I were to be identified by people it would be something like this conversation:

Girl says: “Hey it’s that happy expressive guy, Uforiel!”

Guy: “You for real? Where?”

Girl: “yes I’m for real… no he’s for real… Argh look! He’s on the track, just listen!’’

Guy: “Oh! I get it. That’s deep.”

Well, that’s how I would let it go…

Me and My Music

I officially started my music career last year. To me, music has the ability to connect, convey and rise above a lot complex social and inner personal issues that a lot of the time, we avoid addressing. There are a lot of great artists that inspire me, although the strongest ones at the moment would be Childish Gambino, Nas, Flying lotus, Toro y Moi and Daft Punk.

I have particular affection for indie music. I completely fall for how pure and unspoiled the expression and freedom indie music has sonically. My fear for music is allowing ego to take the main stage. No one wants to turn into a Kanye West in the sense that his ego overshadows his amazing work. Losing inspiration or mojo is another fear, but I have amazing people in my life that believe in me and keep me grounded. So thanks to the love I get that makes my fears subside.

I hope my music can take on a narrative role and be a social commentary. I want my music to be consciously thought out tunes that have longevity so listeners can discover something new every time.

My future plan for indie music promotion is humbly sharing it with the hope to connect with others that feel the same. That and working with my good brother Felipe Cea in making our own record label. We are currently building our contacts and networks. It’s a fun hard working time for me, but it’s worth all the sweat and late nights.

Duofox is ready to go!

My compadre and I Felipe Cea (known as LIF) have known each other for 10 years. One day he approached me to feature in a band he produced sounds for called Ragaveda. We both worked on that particular track together and since then we’ve been in orbit making music together as Duofox.

We got our name while recording our first mix tape on the road during late night travelling to the studio which passes along a park reserve. As we drove we saw two foxes cross the road several times. We thought it couldn’t have been just mere coincidence, so we took it as a sign for us to name ourselves Duofox.

Our music is synth pop, hip hop, funk and dabbles of rock and sonic horizon music. It’s quite the blend. My favorite track that brings all positive good vibes has to be Amore Mia as it’s funky and loving and really triggers smiles.

My main inspiration comes from my therapy in dealing with the current state of the world and addressing my inner turmoil as well with the hope that my expressions help others to relate and find comfort that they are not alone.

Speaking of the future… 

I’ve been weathering so many personal storms to get back to the core that has given me so much empowerment. For a while before I got serious in the studio, there was a lot of drama in my life and I found myself losing direction. Getting back to music gave me the outlet needed to reignite my creative flame and desire for expressing who I really am.

So keep your eyes and ears open for more news about me. I’m about to finish the next Duofox mix tape. Exciting times ahead!!!

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