Visualogue – I Cyan You

13th June 2017

11.08 PM

I Cyan You.

It was instant.

I saw you by the corner of my eyes amongst the cold grey concrete and the off-white PVC pipelines that run along the walls like veins into what was behind you.

At that moment I didn’t see just a door, it didn’t bother me what lies beyond that wooden plank.

I saw you, I recognized you. You’re not just any blue; you were a few tints closer to the sky – and a few gradients darker than a summer daydream.

I knew your name, you’re Cyan, the distant cousin of Fuchsia and often mistaken as baby blue – but baby let me tell you, Cyan is no longer a child anymore, Cyan is grown enough, just like all us – living amongst us.

I Cyan you, do you see Cyan too?

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