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Tammi Tsang – Trilogy

From her project “Trilogy,” Tammi reflected her own interpretation of the Greek myth of Oepidus.

To understand this project in a structural way, the project can be separated into two parts: the video and the puppets. It’s essential to understand the background story and the concept that is communicated with the audience.

Tammi Tsang – Trilogy

As one may know about the myth of Oepidus and its roots in family tragedy, Tammi selected its complexity to describe the relationship between her, her mother and her grandmother.

“It’s a love-hate relationship, which I believe is common for each and everyone of us at some point of our lives.”

Tammi further explained that the myth of Oepidus is more of a realisation of self-identity in different stages of life. The acknowledgement changes over time and also derived various emotions such as denial, resentment and regret.

Tammi Tsang – Trilogy

The image and construction of the puppets provided Tammi with a chance to reference the physique of women at different ages. It was similar to a review of the appearance that she once had, is having and will have. It is also a conscious selection of what she would like to present and subconscious discovery of her self-image now and then.

As the myth itself also has derived the famous Freudian theory of an Oepidus complex, it offers her audience a path to interpret “Trilogy.”.

“Using the myth of Oepidus and the complex as a mediator may help link up the similarity of my personal experience to the shared, public experience, and I hope to reach the message out to the audience,” explained Tammi.

For the other part of the project, the video captures the making of the process and also some key lines from the play “Oepidus Rex.” The ending of the video is purposefully more ambiguous than the definite ending of the play.

“I intended to suggest a more positive ending for the video by removing the restraints to acknowledge true self, just as the hopefulness expressed in dialogue quote is at the end. Yet, the ending of the story is neither the ending for life nor the myth of Oepidus.”

Tammi Tsang – Trilogy

To continue her style of creativity, Tammi would love to delve into more myths and their symbolic meanings to both the individual and society.

“I am still positive that I will continue to work on projects and hope to make a living by doing art-related work, as long as things don’t change much,” she said. “As a creator, I hope to inspire others like those who inspired me.”





Tammi Tsang – Trilogy





Tammi Tsang – Trilogy






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