Surrounded by art – Amelia Mullins

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”

— Alex Haley (writer of Roots : The Saga of an American Family)



Whether we like it or not, there is an unbreakable connection between our family and ourselves. It’s all written in our DNA. No matter how much one may want to break away, we are hugely affected by our families, one way or the other – our perspectives, our habits, our choices in life… etc. – Even if it is in a “avoid-all-contact-expectations-association” way – cue that stereotypical image of a more “out there” young lady in a skimpy outfit who grew up in a traditional Catholic family – cough –katyperry – cough.

For Amelia Mullins, the kind of influence she got from her diversely artistic family was most positive; they inspired her in her utmost passions in life – fine arts and fashion.

I was not kidding when I referred to Amelia’s family as “diversely artistic”. Her grandfather was a painter, her father an architect, her mother a fashion lecturer and her aunt a fine art printer. Amelia grew up surrounded by art. As children, while we were busy running around playgrounds, rolling around on the ground, Amelia and her brother were running around the back stages of fashion shows, rolling around in fabrics. At a young age, she was already hooked to all of the bubbling creativity and excitement of fashion shows. She naturally also developed a love for drawing and painting, always practicing and learning – from the more dated artists like Klint to more modern artists like Max Bill.

This made it easier for Amelia when it was time for her to think carefully about her future and career.

By the time I got to university I knew I wanted to work with clothing but in a way in which I could apply my love for fine art and fabric together, thus why I chose to follow the route of printed textile design.”


Amelia’s mother’s background in fashion helped develop in her a sense of construction, design and fabric, while her father and aunt’s background in architecture and fine arts respectively, gave her insight into structural design and where to look for further inspiration. Amelia’s family seems to have indeed done very well, as nowadays, Amelia is able to find inspiration everywhere – from the extraordinary beauty of nature to the uniqueness of each human being – the way they behave, their beliefs, culture, identity… In fact, Amelia’s love for textile design does not only come from the fact that it allows her to effectively express herself creatively, but also the effect her designs may have on people, that motivates her.

“The part of the design process which I love the most is when you begin to see your research come to life in design form…when an idea becomes real and takes shape… Then when that design is printed and made into a garment and you see it on someone looking so confident in it, that really gives me a great sense of excitement and pride.”


Amelia has already achieved some great levels of success, by designing for Julien Macdonald, a prominent luxury fashion house as well as global brand Esprit. With overflowing creativity and inspiration, Amelia only aspires to grow as a designer and be able to work with more international fashion houses.

Amelia’s artistic ventures will no less consist of her family, for surprise, surprise – Amelia’s brother, Alex Cullin is also a part of the fashion industry. Alex himself has established his own menswear label and Amelia collaborates with him frequently.

I’malways so proud and excited by the work he does.”

Alex Haley’s words definitely ring true in the case of Amelia Mullins, the girl surrounded by art.

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