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Ilya Blinov – Beauty Fiore di Acqua

As a creator, Ilya Blinov can be counted as a multifunctional one. He is now 33 years old but he has done all the roles required of a fashion photo shoot. You name it; he’s definitely dipped his hands in it before.

Russian-born Ilya started with hair styling. He then became a make-up artist and after, a wardrobe stylist. Within four years while studying in Milan, he worked as a fashion stylist and worked at showrooms during fashion week. It was a “great period of my life” he said.

Returning to Russia, he accepted an invitation to become a tutor in the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow on fashion styling. For five years taught students how to do photo shoots and contributed all his peripheral knowledge while meeting many bright, talented and passionate people.

Opening his own studio was a great turning point for Ilya. “I had a dream since I was a teenager to shoot movies. One day I decided and was determined to have my own studio to shoot photos myself.”

Ilya Blinov – Second Skin

With nearly ten years of preparation, Ilya knows not only about clothes but the whole creation process: atmosphere, interior, props, make up, wardrobe styling and of course, models.

“I see the style in the sense of composition and emotions; I know the way clothes can be layered and I understand what I can do or not do with the clothes on a model. Styling is more important than techniques.

“I love to do shooting myself while I work with professionals in other roles. I trust their views and this also makes the shooting more rich and interesting in ideas. Certainly I give indication and control the result but I also love to experiment.”

Looking at Ilya’s works conveys various faces of women. From sexiness to cute, the setup and mood is always conveyed so perfectly that an audience could not possibly get it wrong.

When it comes to fashion shoots, female models are a pretty much must-have element.

“I look and search in different angles for the best qualities of a model. Different models could have different highlights – it could be their eyes, lips, neck, fingers, toes, ears or legs. I like to look individually at every woman,” said Ilya.

Ilya Blinov

“A perfect body is an impression, depending on the task. It could be a skinny, fit or curvy body. I prefer a very curated body with good solid colour with well-seen lines.”

The only way to learn and improve fashion styling and shooting is to “study a lot of photos, see the works of masters, create mood boards, draw frames, prepare very well for the shoot, listen to critiques and search for own style” according to Ilya.

As his dream project, he is hoping to shoot a movie and make pictures clearly expressing ideas with no excess details. “Always prepare, search for references and even pre-shoot. I want to change the ambience of creativity and want to with talented and inspiring brands and professionals.”



作為一個創作者,Ilya Blinov算是擁有多種技能的一位。現年33歲的他已經擔任過時尚攝影過程中的各種角色。只要您能說出來,他也擔任過。


Ilya Blinov







Ilya Blinov – Second Skin






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