Moments in life – Erin Nicholls

Erin Nicholls is a passionate painter and illustrator. Although her works already convey a high level of accomplishment, she says she has a long way to go with her art and is constantly learning.

Erin Nicholls - Early Morning Ride

Erin Nicholls – Early Morning Ride

Her creative works contain an array of diverse elements – from the calm scenery of a glistening blue shore to a hectically crowded street filled with vibrant signs. “There are certain elements for each craft that I love, which are common to all of them, such as colour blending and patterns. I love exploring these in any work I create,” says Erin.

Throughout all her pieces, she says she enjoys developing her style and techniques in painting and illustrating. “At the moment I have a mixed style – some realism and some abstract. I’m working to focus my style more so that it becomes recognisable as mine,” says Erin.

Her creative process is encouraged by seeing the world. “Travelling has helped by introducing me to amazing, beautiful sights and places which then gives inspiration to capture these in art,” she said.

As a creator, Erin says her biggest lesson she has learned from her experience is to keep pushing ideas further rather than creating the first thing that pops up in her mind.

About Erin’s work in Japan

Erin Nicholls - Rainy Day

Erin Nicholls – Rainy Day

Erin’s latest works are based on Japanese culture. “I’ve always loved Japan and Japanese aesthetics. It was my love of Japanese pottery that drove me to study ceramics for example,” she said. “My series started with ‘Tokyo Street Signs.’ I love all the kanji on the signs and how diverse they are. I will do scenes from other counties as well, but something about photos of Japan gives me a lot of inspiration.”

Asked about what initially attracted her to Japanese culture, Erin responded with “there is a huge amount of diversity. I love the mixture of the very ancient traditional crafts with the hyper-modern.”

Erin says she aims for her work to convey scenes that are both realistic and expressive. “I feel my ‘Rainy Day’ illustration is the closest I have come to realising this aim,” she says about reflecting emotive scenes in her work.

About Erin’s future

Erin Nicholls - Under the Cherry Blossoms

Erin Nicholls – Under the Cherry Blossoms

Speaking about what her first solo exhibition would be on, Erin says “I would love to do an ‘Urban’ series for an exhibition. I’d love to capture a lot of different urban scenes from different cities and convey them in unique, emotive ways.”

Erin says her dream project would be one that combined illustration with ceramics so that she could create detailed illustrations on pottery – the latter something she hopes to get back into soon.

Her ultimate goal as a creator is “to develop a unique style and push myself in my career to be successful as an artist, through exhibitions and awards,” she says. “I want to both love what I do and be proud of the work I create.”

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