The man with a happy tune – Felipe Cea

Talking to Felipe is always an enjoyable experience because he’s always upbeat and laughing a lot – even when answering serious questions. (Why can’t we all be like that?) Despite working long shifts, he’s taken the time to participate in an interview with us. Thanks Felipe, we’re as happy as you are now!

Based in Sydney, Australia, Felipe has a very positive attitude. Is it this the effect of sunshine and beaches? Or was he born this way?

Music is my nature

“My music is just the nature of the beast. It might lose its relevancy tomorrow, but we will always keep on making new music,” said Felipe about his uniqueness.

He’s into all sorts of art: sketching, photography and short films. Yet his all-time favourite is music as it “comes the most natural” to him when constructing moods or messages.

“I can’t always get it right, but that’s the challenge I love about it. Especially when it’s an obscure subject and difficult to express,” he said. Felipe started playing the guitar at the age of 15. He described music production as “just like breathing air.”

Music is group work

One song is a combination of many different kinds of sounds that beautifully blend together. Felipe loves to explore the world of sounds and discover various mixtures. He and his partner, Uriel, make up the band Duofox.

“Uriel and I have known each other since 2005. We were friends before music partners. We started to muck about with sounds and tracks in the studio back then,” he said about their relationship. “There was a long while when we both were separated because of the different responsibilities we held, but we got back together to make music again a year ago.”

On making music, Felipe said is it a very much an instinctual process. “There’s never really a plan on choosing what kind of sounds to put in a song except letting the environment propel my artistic constructions.”

It can often be difficult to be involved in a creative process with someone else, but Felipe is happy to make music with a partner.

“When you write alone, you only have your inner critique and no one tells you when something is wrong! It takes a while to refine a part by working alone and doing well. With company, you have to be open to other ideas and vibe on the same feeling,” he said.

Music is my favourite…but not marketing

When Felipe first started working with music in the late 90s, he only played guitar in a few rock bands. He then took up more roles such as singing, writing, managing different kinds of administrative work and promoting. In two years, he had written over 200 songs and 60 of them had gotten published. Now, he has his music label, LYFEIK.

LYFEIK means “music and lifestyle rolled into one, said Felipe. “It was all just a natural progression to start a music label. I credited Uriel for the name and awarded him with a cup of tea and shisha pipe.”

Felipe thinks that musicians should have an open character without compromising to the moral obligations of being a human. He also thinks they should keep true to themselves and never cater to the mass industry.

Although he is aware that this is his own view, reality works in the other direction. “I love making music and totally dislike the marketing side. But I can’t be too unrealistic in the world of commodities and profiteering. I try to make them both fun in my own way,” he said.

Music is my inspiration

Living in Sydney may be one of the important advantages of producing music. “There are some massively talented people in the music scene of Sydney,” said Felipe. “It might be at a smaller scale compared to the United States, Europe or Asia, but overall the place is a rich environment for art.”

Felipe gets his inspiration from visual memory, events of his life, a distinct sound in the distance or even his dreams. He said it is a common thing with musicians to dream up a song or melody.

“My favourite bands are my friends’ because I can get to understand their true emotional value behind their composition. All the little details and different emotions can be learned from their songs,” he said.

“Always be careful of the music you listen to as it can set character traits within you.”

Music is my future

Felipe’s future is filled to the brim with plans and hope.

“I am planning to initiate some new sound projects with my good friend Nico, who has a band called Kamera Lucida,” he said.

“Hopefully, I can do some shows in the United States at the end of this year,” he added. Apart from the local scene in Sydney, he also has collaborations with musicians abroad.

“Oh! And of course I hope to train myself to worry less and just have fun HAHA!”

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