It’s all about the individual – Claudia Chan

Getting in touch with Claudia is no easy task. She enjoys solitude.

As you can imagine, someone who is Facebook-less and Smartphone-less, is not exactly what you’d call “reachable.” Yet the more I think about it, the more respect I have for someone being so anti-technology-and-social-media-obsessed, which, in a nutshell, is basically most of the young generation today.

Claudia is perhaps cleverer than us all. I mean, what better way to concentrate on things/people that are most important to us than to abandon the tools that are attached to useless and irrelevant things? They tend to occupy most of our time too.

Living old school can be refreshing. But don’t worry, Claudia is not completely cut off, she still checks her emails. Her refusal to use such devices simply adds to her mystery.


Claudia Chan - Bespoke Tailoring

Her expertise

Claudia’s talent lies in bespoke tailoring, a “craft of making clothes that coordinates to one’s anatomical structure.” It’s basically clothes that fit you and nobody else. This is pretty awesome as it not only makes you feel special; it also makes it extra difficult for someone to steal.

Her fascination with anatomy came about as she was studying figurative painting in Italy. This led her to a BA in Bespoke Tailoring at the London College of Fashion.

She loves to put herself to the test. “The more I studied and worked in the field, the more I realised how challenging it is to create clothing that fits and suits someone well.” Her latest project is Skagen Kollektion.

With the “vicious cycle of buy-and-chuck fashion,” Claudia believes consumers will start to realise the importance of bespoke tailoring and the industry will start to gain the recognition it deserves.

“Surely buying something that would last for years is wiser than something that lasts for one or two seasons!”

As for inspiration, Claudia says everyday people and observing her surroundings play a fundamental role in her success. Everything from classic literature to paintings and even live music gives her ideas.

Designing creations

Claudia believes in a balanced harmony between humans and ambience. She loves to make timeless clothes that echo body shape as well as the environment.

Her ultimate goal is expressed in a motto: “we cannot design feelings, but we can create a good product experience.”

Her design process for Skagen Kollektion involved researching deeply into the theme and mapping out her ideas in order to come up with a single concept. She then sourced her models and started rough sketching designs for individual models. She toiled them on a stand to create mock designs and then spent most of her time and effort on the fitting.


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It’s far from easy

Claudia has faced a number of difficulties in the industry. One of them is wondering whether there will be a market for her creations as she is currently focusing on menswear. “I have to grasp quite a bit of information about the consumer’s behaviour first.”

Yet what is most important to her is the passion that keeps her going. “It’s important to have a lot of patience too,” she added.

Future aspirations

Claudia dreams of pursuing a career as a cutter and hopes to start an apprenticeship in this area after she graduates. But first, she plans to take a break and travel to Africa, the Middle East and perhaps Latin America for inspiration on her next project. We can’t wait to see what she’ll bring to the table!

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