Graduation Shows – Academy of Visual Art, HKBU

(Works displayed by artists’ name in alphabetical order)


Chan Ming Sum 陳明心

Screen print in paper
Set of 9:
40cm x 50cm each

Who/what inspired you the most for your project?

I think everything started from the day when tear gas was used against civil citizens. That view was something that can never be erased from your memory. Ever since then, the powerlessness has been rooted in my heart.

ONE line to describe your project.

A self-reflection portrait of how I view the relationship between me and this city.

Whom do you want to dedicate your project to?

I would like to dedicate this project to my sister. This project more or less originates from her.

And also to those who once had hope like me.

Project Description:

I used to be very optimistic about the future, however, my remaining hope and faith gradually died with inevitable changes in times and society. I no longer have the ability to control my future. Due to this situation, my body is filled with a sense of powerlessness and my limbs feel numb and withered. Unfamiliar numbness, therefore, takes over and I feel stuck with no way out.

在時代的洪流中,我對未來碩果僅存的憧憬已隨著時 間流逝漸漸死去,取而代之的是一種陌生的麻木感。

我的身體充斥著無力感,肢體感官像是被麻痺了,然後 漸漸枯萎。這樣的感覺似是沒有盡頭。

Chan Yuet Cheong 陳悅暢

Ink on wood
Size variable

Who/ what inspired you the most for your project?

For me, “Life” inspired me most for the project. It includes the meaning of daily experiences, the way of living. My way of “life” is quite different to most people I live around. I see the world without any sounds as I can’t hear. The limitation gives me a totally different vision and comprehension. I found the difference and I take it as my characteristic. The ‘life” by the limitation inspirited me and expressed in this project.

One line to describe your project:

I weave the form of ink and lines to unfold the world of soundlessness.

Whom do you want to dedicate your project to?

The texts on the surface of my works express the record of conversation, they are the people who are willing and are patient to write with me – the only way to be well-communicated with others. They are my teachers, my friends, AVA classmates and also my family. Especially my family, they give my infinite support and have always been my source of inspiration. I would dedicate my project to all of them.

Project Description:

Due to my hearing impairment, I am separated from the world.

Externally, I can only communicate through groups of discontinuous texts, and through them try to understand things and people in life. Internally, I let ink and lines extend my mind, unfolding a different inner world, as well as depicting my inner reveries and struggles in the surrounding situation. I confront the difference between inside and outside, expressing my internal loss and monologue.


對外,我只能透過片斷的文字交談,試著理解人和事;在內,我則讓筆墨及 線條延伸我的心思,呈現另一個不同的內心世界,描繪著我在「困」中的想 像、掙扎。我藉著內外的不同,表現內心的迷失和獨白。

Kum Ka Wai 甘家瑋

Get closer and closer
Oil on canvas
Set of 2:
100cm x 180cm
150cm x 270cm

Who/what inspired you the most for your project?

I was inspired by this society. We are almost living under stereotypes and pre-set rules. I want to explore the essence and beauty of life through my project and try to redefine and re-examine life via the subject matter in this project, the organs.

ONE line to describe your project.

Walking through every infinitesimal parts of vitality, discovering the beauty of essence.

Whom do you want to dedicate your project to?

I want to dedicate my work to everyone. Many of us are lost and confused in life since we seldom look at the basics and the “truth” of life. I hope that my project can be a starting point or a little guide for people to discover the beauty of everyone

Project Description:

Walking through every infinitesimal part of vitality, discovering the beauty of essence.


Lam Tsz Ching 林芷澄

Bra underwires, channeling fabric trim
200cm x 200cm x 180cm

Who/what inspired you the most for your project?

Know thyself has been the centrality of my project. My self identity and sexuality changes with the infinitesimal minutiae aspect of life. I’m trying to liberate myself from my own presupposition on men. I experienced sexual assault when I was very young at the ages of 13 and 16 by a woman and a man. I barely knew my own sexuality at that age. I was repressed and depressed. This project is a reconciliation of my entrenched self. It allows me to reach self-acceptance. I’m 22. I could see my body as a natural part of myself without promiscuity or as a site of increasing vulnerability. I have seen women who use their pelvis muscle to entertain the mass as their best chance of living in Thailand, which is the Ping Pong Show. I allow myself to expose my body in public spaces without censorship (topless) by the Donau river in Vienna and muslim public beach of Maldives where women have to swim with their whole body covered.

I’m inspired by Berlinde De Bruyckere, Leung Mee Ping, 龍應台, a book called feminists rethink the self by Diana T. Meyers and string theory.

ONE line to describe your project.

Caress humanity.

Whom do you want to dedicate your project to?

I want to dedicate my project to all human beings, both women and men of all races.

Project Description:

Underwire, made from stainless steel, is commonly encompassed in the channeling fabric of bras and other female undergarments.

I first discovered the underwire in my bras in 2015 and was stunned by its tenacious materiality. Wired bras give protection and a sense of sovereignty over my body — an insecure security. I only wore wired bras. I was wired to my bodily self and my oppressed sexuality. In 2016, I removed all the underwire from my bras and the physical and mental disabilities it has created within me, which is entrenched in our collective unconscious.

How is femininity and humanity engendered?
They are neither one or the other.
I’ve been collecting second-hand bras, underwire, and
bra fragments.
The collected materials are woven into the cradle of life, the womb.

母本,事物的本源。母,字源女,配兩點,象徵女人成熟的兩乳。 鋼線被廣泛應用於女性內衣。2015,我首次看到自己胸圍鋼線的原貌。 基於安全感和對自身身體的主權加控,我只穿有鋼線的胸圍。 2016,我把所有胸圍鋼線拆除,意識到這配件成了限制身體和思想活動 的拐杖。

Lok Ka Hang 駱嘉桁

Ceramics, glass
420cm x 40cm x 15cm

Who/what inspired you the most for your project?

I am interested in cells, which we observe under the microscope most of the time. Therefore, I am curious about the cells of different materials, the interior details that cannot be seen by our eyes. Particularly, I would like to create images that are similar to the microscopical observation of the “cells” of the glazes on the two materials: glass and clay. I am also interested in using different materials. The combination of glass powder and crystallized glaze gives me some interesting pictures and conveys the possibility of patterns. I want to share this interesting result with the audience, and lead them to the gorgeous world of cells.

ONE line to describe your project.

Unlimited chemical reactions and possibilities that exist between different materials.

Whom do you want to dedicate your project to?

This project is dedicated to the general public, especially to those who do not know art. I want to know what picture or things they can imagine after looking at my work.

At the same time, this work carries a message that the shape of an art work is not that much important sometimes. We can always see it in a different aspect. For instance, when people look at a ceramic piece, they always focus on the shape. However, I try to give up the shape and focus on the changing of colour, viewing ceramics from another angle.

Project Description:

Chemical reactions are based on various relations and linkages. Crystals and cracks float between abstraction and figuration, whereas melting points and surface tension bring crystals and cracks together to create one whole entity. This project observes, from an experimental perspective, the reactions triggered in ceramics and glass under high temperatures, and records the chemical reactions and possibilities that occur between different materials.

化學作用是各種關係的轉化。結晶體和裂紋游走於抽象與具象之間,熔點 與表面張力引導兩者共存為一體。作品以實驗的角度,觀察陶瓷和玻璃兩 種物料在高温下的反應,紀錄物料之間的化學作用與可能性。

Tam Shuk Yu 譚淑瑜

Departure: Kaiping, 29-07-2006
Arrival: Unknown
100cm x 120cm x 30cm

Who/what inspired you the most for your project?

At the beginning, this project was inspired by the death of my Grandma. However, during and after the whole process, the main inspiration is that I recognise how people and things around me live and run as usual as they did before my Grandma left but I clearly see and feel that a lot of things, objects and people are lost in the way I move forward.

ONE line to describe your project.

Packing all the memories in my own way and bringing them in my heart to keep moving on.

Whom do you want to dedicate your project to?

This project is dedicated to myself since I use it to record my past life and the changing of a society I feel.

Project Description:

When my hometown was transformed into another town, that “another town” became “the hometown.” The wall of the brick house that witnessed my growth has already been covered by white cement ash. I have no idea how many stories people there still remember. Yet, I am a witness to the absence of its residents, the growth of the crowded city, and the rapid development of society. The house I once called home could not withstand the roaring waves of time and slowly disappeared.

故鄉變他鄉,異鄉成故鄉。那曾經見證我成長的青磚屋子,已被人抹上一 層白色的水泥灰。我不知道有多少故事依然被人記得,然而,我卻知道住 在裡面的人走了,城市熱鬧了,社會發展了。那屋子在時間的洪流裏不堪 一擊,有一日會消失殆盡。

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