Dreaming up a magical world | 以創意夠勾勒魔幻

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In the eyes of the characters she delicately draws, one can fish out purity and innocence. The creator and “mother” of all these characters is none other than a talented illustrator that believes in magic and fantasy. She was born to create dreams.

Freelancing for Dreamworks Animation TV, a company that has been producing a number of animations, Beatrice herself is also a “dreamer.”

“I remember when I was a kid I used to love watching movies or reading stories because afterwards I’d go to the park or play with things and truly believe that I was part of it,” she says. “Imagine I’d read Matilda by Roald Dahl, I’d believe that I could move things with my mind; or read Jungle Book and think that I could be like Mowgli myself – I want to make people feel the same way in my stories.”

Beatrice Blue – Storystorm

Beatrice was an early bloomer. She became enthralled with illustration at a young age. On top of the encouragement from her parents, Beatrice’s grandfather was also her inspiration. He possessed secret gadgets and boxes that “smelled of stories.”

“My grandfather passed away when I was 4 years old. When I reached 17 or so, I received a big wooden box from my grandmother and there were all grandpa’s painting tools, brushes, nibs, old cookie boxes… I was so honoured to get that box myself. Whenever I feel discouraged or stuck I will take a look at that – it warms me up and makes me smile,” says Beatrice.

Other than illustration, Beatrice is also skilled at animation production. She explains that animation requires teamwork while illustration requires her to express a story on her own.

“When making animations, my ideas were part of a story which was told by so many people in a way; when I’m illustrating a book, the work I do is actually the final art that stays seen. It’s the one and only work and it represents the story and myself. Nothing else.”

Beatrice Blue – Dream Catcher

Beatrice has found her other half who shares her passion, profession and creativity with her. They both currently work at home, encouraging each other and at the same time giving them a fresh perspective of what they are doing and sometimes saving each other from getting stuck. “It’s very refreshing and healthy,” said Beatrice.

Apart from the encouragement and inspiration from her husband, she is also an imaginative character herself and takes and carries ideas everywhere. Whether it’s walking in the woods, playing with her dog; on social media, movies, specific days, seasons, moods or her childhood.

“It’s definitely hard to learn how to draw well in general – but one of the hardest things to learn I think is to train the head to be able to show those ideas to put them on paper. For me it was to train the eyes first, then I learned to develop my personal ideas adding the knowledge I had. It felt so frustrating at first and it seemed to never end. So, I practice, practice, practice.”

Beatrice Blue – Potter Woods

The process is difficult for Beatrice because she is not illustrating something in real life with real examples – but a fantasy world with imaginative characters and creatures. However, she lives to learn and is constantly improving, testing and exploring.

“I’d just recommend everyone to always keep trying and going. And smile. The more one learns about both the good and the bad things that happen, the more one will grow both as an artist and as a person,” advises Beatrice to young and budding illustrators.

As for her, she does not like to pursue something in particular but she chooses her projects carefully. In some ways, she is living in her dream now. “My dream project isn’t a project itself but to do something I truly love, enjoy and learn from it. I am currently doing that already!”

“I want to create something that could potentially become a treasure of someone, to make them feel. I can’t change the world but I want to add some colour to it. For all those who’d like to see.”

Beatrice Blue – Storm

在她創作的角色的眼神當中,你總會看見一股清澈和純真。這讓我們更加了解Beatrice Blue – 一個相信魔法,相信奇幻世界的「母親」。為什麼?因為她出生就是為了為人們創造夢想的。

曾經在夢工場(Dreamworks Animation TV,著名動畫製作公司)打工,Beatrice稱呼自己是一個「做夢者」。

「我記得自己小時候很喜歡看電影或者看故事書 – 因為我看完之後就會去公園玩耍,然後相信自己是故事情節當中的一部分。讀完羅爾德•達爾的《瑪蒂爾達》之後我相信自己可以用念力移動事物;看完森林王子之後我覺得自己就是無忌!我希望人們在欣賞我的故事的時候跟我有同樣的感覺。」

說到插畫,Beatrice可算是與生俱來。除了父母的鼓勵之外,她的祖父可謂對她影響深遠,同時也是她的靈感來源 – 因為祖父的「盒子」總是充滿各種令人好奇的故事。

Beatrice解釋道:「在我4歲的時候,我的祖父離開了。當我17歲的時候,我從祖母那收到一個木造的盒子 – 裡面全都是祖父的繪畫工具、小道具的小小的曲奇餅罐子等等……我覺得自己能夠得到這個盒子實在太幸運了。每一次當我覺得氣餒的時候我都會看一眼盒子,然後我的內心就會溫暖起來了。」

Beatrice Blue – 90’s


「當創作動畫的時候,我的點子會變成整個故事的一部分,這個故事會經由無數人的手和口訴說出來;當我創作插畫的時候,我一直創作的東西基本就是成品,人們也會原原本本的看見這個作品 – 那是從頭到尾都是由我一個人報班的作品,除此之外沒有其他。」



Beatrice Blue – Nature Tamer

「總的來說要畫畫畫得好已經挺困難的 – 但是我發現其中最困難的事情其實是要訓練腦袋如何將各種主意化為現實並且在紙上呈現。我個人來說,我會先訓練自己的『眼睛』,學習監理各種知識並豐富想法。一開始的時候這個過程實在太磨人了,所以要一直學習、學習、學習!」

這個過程對於Beatrice來說尤其艱難,因為她通常描繪的東西都不存在在現實世界裡面 – 大部分都是幻想世界當中的各種奇妙角色和生物。不過她很喜歡學習、練習、試驗和探索,這讓她的風格和創作都穩定發展。




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