Wong Wing Fung – Fine Art


Wong Wing Fung is an artist/curator who received her BA in Fine Art from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. During her study, she undertook the internship training at the Royal National Theatre, London. She was selected to be one of the three participants of 2009-­‐10 Para/Site Art Space-­‐ Hong Kong Jockey Club Curatorial Training Program. Fung desires to be a collector but was restrained by money in realizing her dream. She turns to collect and exchange stories in her artworks-­‐ to question memory and its preservation, and to explore the interactions between individuals and communities with a hope to provoke dialogues with the viewers.

As an artist her works have been shown in a number of exhibitions including commissioned work for “Hong Kong Arts Centre – HKAC 30th Anniversary Exhibition” (2008), The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage (2010) and Greenpeace-­‐ Chernobyl’s 25th Anniversary Exhibition ‘Think Twice: A Nuclear Hong Kong?’(2011), Shadowland-­‐ Fukushima Anniversary Exhibition (2012), Jeonju Photo Festival, Korea (2012), Interactive sound walk project ‘Seeing Sound Journey’ (2013) Oi! Artspace Spakle! Let’s Art Exhibition (2015) and first solo exhibition ‘The Cabinets of Memories Series-­‐ A Wong Wing Fung Exhibition’ (2015) etc.

Fung believes there should be more artworks available to those who never get a chance to visit galleries, theatres and museums.