Verity Filipow – Technical Arts and Special Effects

1.&3. Portrait

I am a Canadian living in London, England, enjoying creating all manners of weird and wonderful things. I moved to London in 2012 to study Technical Arts and Special Effects at Wimbledon College of Art, where I finished my three-year degree by creating my final piece ‘The Girl and Her Dragon’- a massive 120x120x65cm sculpture of an old dragon reading a story to a little girl. My main love is of monsters and creatures of strange worlds, and my passion is bringing them to life in the form of sculpture, art dolls, and drawings and sketches.

In 2014 I started a company with my friend Rachael Hayes called Green Chimera, where we make and sell artdolls; posable hand-sculpted and fabricated creatures that we design ourselves, as well as resin figurines and illustrations. We have exhibited our creatures at two conventions in the UK, and plan on continuing in the future. Apart from traditional media, I am currently very interested in expanding into the digital side of art, and experimenting with painting and drawing in Photoshop as well as venturing into digital sculpting.

Since graduating in the summer of 2015, I have been doing freelance work in the film industry, and have worked behind the scenes on props, set, and creature fabrication on three major films to date, which are to be released sometime in the near future.