Taylee Morris – Graphic Design

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I’ve lived in a few different places throughout my life. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Which is one of the cities people outside of the US can usually recognise, even if they have no clue where it really is.  All of my family can be found in Illinois except my parents who are currently in New Jersey. After Chicago, we moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where we lived for 10 years. Here I  graduated high school and finished the International Baccalaureate(IB) program. The IB program was amazing for me, it makes you look out into the world and study other languages and cultures through their history, literature and art. Through my years with IB my interest in communication grew especially my interest in global communication. Experiences no matter if in a different language can and do communicate to an audience.

I had a fascination with Europe very young. My parents taught me about my heritage at a young age, and mainly looking into the French part from my maternal great grandmother who gave me my middle name of Gabrielle. Throughout my life as an only child my parents showed me the world, through road trips around the United States, and travels to foreign countries. I fell in love with the history of the places we visited and the various art cultures we found in each place. This is what spurred me to study my undergrad in the UK. It wasn’t just the cultural experience I was after, it was also how graphic design and other arts are taught here in the UK. They focus on not just your technical development, but your mental development. How as a creative you think about things and your process to communicate ideas. Now after just graduating from my BA in Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts, I am working collaboratively with one of my course mates on various web design projects, as well as working on moving back to the United States, but this time to Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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