Roland the Illustrator – Illustrations


I am an illustrator an visual development artist. Born and bred in London. For the last five years I have been working as a freelancer based in Utrecht, Netherlands. It is a beautiful, calm and cultured city. It has given me the focus to develop an ever growing illustration business catering to many different markets and clients all over the world.

After a conceptual Fine Art degree at Central St. Martins, being a chef in a top London restaurant, an MA in Games Design and 3 years as a 3D modeller and cinematic artist at a games studio. I finally got back to my first love, drawing. I trained myself over two years and was eventually rewarded with a position as concept artist on Shogun 2: Total war. That was an amazing opportunity that gave me the skills and kudos to go freelance.
I work almost entirely digitally for commercial work. From sketch to final. It is fast, adaptable and iI really enjoy the process. I love the problem solving and design challenges at least as much as the drawing and thrive on the variety of commercial projects that I take. I like to adjust my style, with-in reason, to adapt to my clients needs. From graphic to ‘realistic’. At its core though my work is always bold, graphic with a distinctive colour palette.


I have also danced and taught Lindy Hop over the last decade which is a great way to get away from the screen. I enjoy boardgames a lot and am making my own, which is an exciting challenge.