Omar El Sakka – Communication Design


I was born in Cairo, Egypt (1993) where I went to school until the age of eight. I went to London for two years in primary school then back to Cairo in 2003. I graduated high-school when I was 16, a young age compared to the rest of my class. I then went to university, studying business, in Cairo for two years. I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so I went back to London in 2011 to study visual communication at American InterContinental University, which is now Regent’s School of Fashion and Design. A year later, my father moved from Cairo to settle in Dubai for his new job. So in 2012 I joined my father, and studied a year in the American University in Dubai. In 2013, I went back to London, where I knew I wanted to continue my studies. I recently graduated in July 2015, with a Bachelors degree in Communication Design from Regent’s School of Fashion and Design.

Throughout my degree in London I’ve been studying illustration, graphic design, typography, photography, computer design, design principles, drawing, and color theory classes. Most of my projects include photography, collage, packaging. animation, branding, and illustration. My personal work shows my interest in psychology and Sigmund Freud, also art movements such as surrealism, and futurism. I am also inspired by artists such as Man Ray, John Heartfield, and John Stezaker.

To follow my interest in advertising, I have also taken a few internships in the advertising industry in agencies such as FP7 and Leo Burnett in Cairo. Communication Design has mainly taught me the skills to send a message across through design and visual communication. I felt like those are the skills i need to have a fresh perspective for the advertising world. So I wanted to use my skills, and also gain experience in the industry.

I am currently in London vacant for a job to follow through my passion, and gain more experience in the advertising industry.