Monica Velasquez – Music


My name is Monica Velasquez, and I go by Rexxy.

I was born in Lima,  Peru sometime in the 80’s. At age 7 I moved to New Jersey and got my first guitar at 12, a late birthday present from mom. While my mom lacked funds for lessons, I taught myself  some chords and started playing my favorite songs. I then wrote my first song a month later. 5 bands later Rexxy was born.

Rexxy is a blend of seductive synth pop and dark moody dreamy sounds, an emotional roller coaster. I moved to back east on December 2012 after some years out west, and wrote “dreams” while crashing at my mom’s couch.

A few months later I made Brooklyn my permanent location. I have since met some great musicians, met some wonderful artists and performed at some wonderful venues, and all while still working part time in NYC as a fashion textile design assistant.

I’m currently working on a new album and have great projects in the works. One of my favorite collaborations came from Australia when I met Felice Cea aka LIF. I have since made a great friend and music partner. More music coming soon!


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