Michelle Chiu – Fine Art

Michelle (s)

After graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art in London, last summer 2013, I came back to my hometown, Hong Kong, and determined to be a local artist here. I love painting and see it as part of my lifestyle. When I paint, I do not attempt to communicate grand concepts, instead, I strive to paint intuitively, and aim to share with other art-lovers my honesty and sincerity in painting. 

Recently, I have been focusing on making half-abstracted still life/ domestic paintings. These everyday ordinary objects were painted from my memories and imaginations through a subjective perspective, hence the abstraction as well as the emotions attached to them. By borrowing the forms of familiar objects around me, I use them as framework, so that within that framework, I can freely and comfortably express myself through the process of painting. I enjoy the application of paint and am fascinated by the possibility and performance of paint on the canvas. The imagery and the paint are the two equally important components of my art works, together they communicate my way of seeing, my feelings, and my enjoyment of painting.