Mercedes de Luis – Cultural Journalism


Once upon a time…I was born the 26th, march, 1982 in Palencia, Castilla y León. It is a region with oceanic clime in the North of Spain, and it is full of contrasts. Infinite solitude, through its lands, oblivion in its ruins, but a beautiful castle of dreams, on the mountains, where eagles and razors fly in the wind. Transparent rivers and wild flowers bloom in spring. Snow falls down in cold winters.

Since my childhood, I like travel, nature, read, listen and tell good stories, and drinking hot chocolate. I also read passionately “The famous Five”, by Enid Blyton at that time.

In that city, I felt in love with the magic of cinema. It is miracle, together with music. “Like a train crossing the night”, somebody said.

At the end of the school, with two crazy friends who loved art history, we travelled by train to Istanbul, passing through Italy and Greece.

Each journey is special in its own way, but the memory of that train, listening to the Doors, unforgettable stays in my memory. Upon my return to Spain, I went to study journalism at Complutense University, because it was my vocation, to tell stories.

Today I am a multidisciplinary professional.

I met our common friend Benjamin Riise as we worked in a translation agency in Fuengirola, near Málaga. With him I went up to a stage for the first time in my life, to read our poems, about bats and boats lost at the sea. Also we climb together a small mountain in Mijas and so it became one of my best summers, next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Nowadays I work as a copywriter specializing in travel and design marketing campaigns in a company based in Nürnberg, even though from time to time I write my notes as independent researcher and collaborate with Complutense University and the University of Southern Denmark, with focus on travel literature.

In my past stays in Denmark and Berlin, I have learned that magic which comes from the dialogue between professionals in cultural areas, so for that I have opened this platform, for those who are interested in collaborating, you are welcome, //

By the way, I wanted to have written a book before the age of 30 years, so I did my “Travelogues”, illustrated and written by hand, and it has been already sold!

The Danish Arts Foundation gives opportunities in the field of literature, music, art, architecture, performing arts, visual arts, cinema and crafts designs, and I have been honoured with a prize in the category “musical journalist”, with my project “a journey through the Danish contemporary music”, that already it is underway.

In June I enjoyed an experience as a researcher at the HC Andersen Centre. Since then I am wishing to keep reading more awesome travel authors from that country. I hope, it will be soon, and then to have time enough to keep designing stories and writing, and to invite my friends for long dinners under the moonlight.

Anyway, you will agree that the biggest prize we got, is the opportunity to continue working, every day, and never forget feeding our dreams. Garde magazine is making exactly that, I see, work and feed dreams. It is a privilege to appear at Garde, thanks a lot!