Maxime Daviron – Photography

I’m a French photographer (mainly a landscape and travel photographer). I started taking photos very early, and studied two years in a French school (ETPA) before becoming and independent photographer. I have recently resettled in southwestern France after spending two years in North America.

I’m also a musician (instrumentalist and composer), and I write a lot too (mostly about my trips, and a few fictions). Quite logically, I’m very attracted by cinema, which brings together all these disciplines, and I recently finished my first long length “movie”, something experimental about a road trip in USA and Canada. Actually, I’m attracted by many forms of art, for exemple I would love to try painting, but for the moment I just draw a little (not very well), so we will see later.

What else… I’m not going to make a list, but let’s say I’m passionate about a lot of things, I’m a very curious person.