Marine Bigo – Fashion Design



Marine Bigo, born in Lille, France, living and working between Shanghai and Paris. Grew up in an »arty family » with a dad art painter , comedians uncles, a grand mother who taught her how to sew her frist pink plastic handbag J.

After Marine graduated from the art school St. Luc, Belgium, she acquired a knowledge of costume history, notion of corsets and got a diploma of pattern making. Since years Marine has been implementing this knowledge through exhibitions and experimental performances. In 2012 Marine built her fashion design concept minirine.

After living in Lille, then Paris, Marine decided to discover Asia and started by Shanghai…Where she started to teach fashion to young Chinese.

Biking around, taking pictures, being excited by this « ruff » and « random » culture life.

That’s where the « mini » collections started…

Since 2012 Marine is building a way of expression & life style as a fashion design concept brand called minirine.

Minirine is a concept where fashion is put into another context by working and looking at different perspectives, such as the ability to have a garment that suits the users’ mood and function.

Useful for leisure, sport, night time.

Minirine is an art & fashion clothing concept, distinguished by its “no discretion”, its strong visuals, good comfort and practical use.

Minirine is the result of experimenting with textiles and visuals; finding the right visuals for various garments for different collections is the key point. Since of today minirine became a concept of multifunctional garment for one’s everyday life. Each new “mini” collection brings new individual, expressive and unique prints, inspired by her environment and surroundings, various art forms such as photography, street art, sculptures, paintings. Directed by creative mind Marine or in collaboration with artists of all kinds.

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