Maren Reese – Fine Art


I graduated from BA Painting at Camberwell College of Arts in 2014. I grew up in Norway am now permanently based in London. Coming from a very political family, from an early age I was questioning issues and differences between people, and where these were coming from. I have always felt a certain responsibility to be directly political in my work, but I think quite intriguing things can be achieved when you stop trying to direct the viewer. The canvas merely functions as a surface on which I apply my images, and I think this distances me to the tradition of figurative painting. I don’t want to depict reality, but rather suggest that we can perceive these heavily saturated or overused images as edited reality.

This opens for playfulness and simple irony, and in many ways that seems closer to who I am and how I relate to fine arts.

In 2013 I was invited to do a solo exhibition in Cambridge House, a non-profit organisation that provide legal services and counselling for people who for various reason don’t have access to the help they require. This was a great experience as it allowed me communicate with a demographic that is less likely to venture galleries. Since then I have participated in highly commercial situations, like the Affordable Art Fair, and this has enabled to me to discuss my work with people of very different backgrounds. In 2014 I joined up with Made In Arts London, who collaborate with artists across University of the Arts London. They offer professional guidance and some great opportunities to showcase your work. I firmly believe in not declining any opportunities to show my work as you will inevitably learn more about your practice and meet people who will influence and further it.