Kiyomi Akachi – Three-dimensional Design


Kiyomi Akachi is a London-based designer who works on product design, graphic design, web design and illustration. Her works are mainly designed for wellbeing that makes people smile and fun through humour and wit.

Also, she uses the meaning of living and designing in London on her works.

She was born in Sapporo, Japan. After graduation of junior high school, she studied design at Industrial Design Department in Sapporo School of the Arts, which was a special educational system of five years college in Sapporo. She studied art and design in the beginning of three years and product design in the last two years at Product Design Course in the college.

After the education of the five years, she worked as a graphic designer, web designer and illustrator for years at design studios and as a freelance. Then she moved to London and she studied product design at 3D Design Course in Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London while she kept working as a graphic designer, web designer and illustrator for both Japan and the UK.

She thinks that design should be added unique points to make the design special because design is able to make people smile. In fact, just laughing gives people some benefits in physically and mentally such as reducing and healing stress and making body immunity strong. Humour is one of necessary culture in society today.

Therefore, she designs product, which makes people smile and people’s life better.