Kay Humelt – Product Design

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That’s me: a creative individual who enjoys being challenged. I believe designers should not be put in boxes and so I do not pick one for myself. I am a thinker and storyteller who loves making things happen.
I believe it all started when my grandpa taught me how to draw and how to love it. From there, it was quick. I started making everything that I imagined – from simple illustrations, through posters, to large photo shoot sets.

My Product Design degree at Central Saint Martins was extremely helpful in gaining professional knowledge and, most importantly, in expanding my horizons. OK, it might have convinced me not to stick to product design, but it definitely gave me the skills and confidence I need to create communications.

What now? I am freelancing a lot at the moment and looking out for a job that will be challenging and exciting. I really think the learning curve should never stop.


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