Jose Manuel Rios – Graphic Design


Born and raised in Chiapas,  México, Football fan, music lover, Japanese cuisine eater

Since i was a kid drawing Dragon Ball characters i always found fun and relief on illustration, then i choose the Graphic Design career at UVM and started to draw and create design professionally.

Moved to Mexico City in 2008, worked for Mad Magazine Mexico began my professional career as a graphic designer. Then I met some  musician friends and started to exploit my illustration abilities for them, mixing the illustration with my second favorite thing, music. I’ve developed various gig posters and artwork for bands since then.

Then Publicity came in, working on agencies seems to be the only way to get by as a graphic designer en Mexico. The office life won’t let me draw all the time, instead just do advertising campaigns for things i don’t care. Lately in 2014 decided to quite that world and become freelancer.

Since then I’ve developed a love for rotoscopic animation and keep practicing on that, also growing as a freelancer designer, getting more clients, without stoping drawing.