Jhonny Núñez – Illustration

My name is Jhonny Núñez, I am a graphic designer and a professional illustrator. I was born in south-west of Colombia and right now I live in Russia with my wife Kate. My story started in my own country, Colombia, where I began to study graphic design at 2 best institutions of my hometown, El Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes de Cali, and La Academia de Dibujo Profesional. These took me a little bit more than 5 years of studying where I learned everything I could about my profession. Later in 2008 I decided to travel to Spain in order to specialize in illustration. I graduated from La Escuela de Diseño de Tarragona and also got my diploma in comics and illustration at la Escuela Joso.
That was the time when my career as an illustrator started. I made some projects for magazines from Barcelona and US pro bono. Until 2010 I couldn´t earn a living working only as a freelance illustrator, but later I started to receive great offers and step by step I made a name in a creative world.

Finally, after having adventures in Colombia and Spain I found myself in cold Russia, where at the moment I have my own Studio of illustration and design. Working from this small space I face great professional challenges of such brands as Amazon, Microsoft, Viber, WeTransfer, Unilver, Cartoon Network, Corriere della Sera, Mattel … and many more.
Thanks to the work with international brands I could make my way in life and many of my works have been exposed in galleries in the USA, France, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, the UK and way more!

Talking about the prizes I have won I should mention the Bēhance Appreciation Award (2010) and the YDB for ilustracion (2016). At present I divide my time between my work as a freelancer and my personal projects, to which I dedicate more and more hours each time. Right now I am thinking of editing my first independent illustrated album and also of launching a line of Art Toyz, but this is a story that I can´t tell you yet.

Well, I think that this is pretty much all I can tell you now about myself, though in order to learn more about me, I recommend you to visit my portfolio online and to see the story written by the illustrations I made for my projects.