James Clow – Fine Art


I grew up not too far from Bournemouth on the south coast and in 2012 completed a foundation course in art and design at the Arts University College Bournemouth. I then moved to London to study Painting and Wimbledon College of Art and graduated last June. I now live and work in London.

During my degree I became increasingly interested in the questions of painting and how it relates to politics, religion, history, philosophy etc. This interest led my practice to where it is today, focused on the political consequences of art practices that engage with spiritual notions. I am fascinated by artists making politically subversive work, which challenge dominant frameworks through an interrogation of the philosophical notions of art. I am currently exploring different approaches to critiquing the market structures of the art world and of capitalism in general. My practice has become a tool for personal interrogation and criticism of issues I find pertinent.

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